6 tips from Elon Musk to improve workflow efficiency

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6 tips from Elon Musk to improve workflow efficiency

6 tips from Elon Musk to improve workflow efficiency
Common sense and bypassing some established rules is what Elon Musk encourages in his employees. Back in 2018, an email leaked online and everyone could read what he asked of his employees.

Our productivity is always affected by a myriad of factors, and people have different work formats, but we can highlight sample tips if we want to be successful in a designated period of time:

1. Avoid long meetings

According to Elon, such meetings very often become the plague of all large organizations and eventually turn into a tedious useless meeting. Drop all these meetings, and use them only when your words are truly valuable to the audience. Otherwise, try to be concise and express your thoughts as quickly as possible.

2. Frequency of meetings is also not an option

When there are too many meetings, it's an indicator that people don't quite understand what they're doing in their place and don't know what to do. A Tesla owner tells us "the frequency of meetings should decrease, except for things that are too urgent." Once those things are taken care of, more time should be devoted to work instead of meetings.

3. Leave the meeting if your presence isn't needed

Some people think it's rude to leave. In fact, the real impoliteness is to waste your time and the time of others. Musk advises you to calmly leave the room if you think the meeting is completely unnecessary for you.

4. Minimal jargon

If you have to constantly explain what you're saying - it means that the communication will move slowly. Try to use less professional jargon and acronyms that others don't understand. Try to convey everything to people in a comfortable format.

5. Communicate more directly

"Communication doesn't have to follow long-distance paths. You have to look for shortcuts to get the job done better." 

When a company's departments don't have a system of communication and communication between employees - it all leads to a decrease in the effectiveness of the team as a whole. The work process will stall because someone can't agree with someone all the time. Such a problem should be solved by the transparency of work within the team and the free exchange of all knowledge and information at all levels. After all, this wildly slows down the work process when an employee has to go to the manager, the manager is looking for the director, the director is trying to reach the vice president, etc. The actual work simply stops until the problem goes through all these circles of hell. It shouldn't be a big deal if an employee goes straight to a superior with a problem that clearly can only be solved by that very superior.

6. Common Sense

Always try to look for interesting and creative solutions to problems. There can be no universal rules, because in the working process there are sometimes the most unusual situations. Do not be afraid to change such rules, and be guided by your own logic and common sense.

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